Microsoft PDC ’09 Videos

Some of you might know that Microsoft recently held its yearly Professional Developer Conference (PDC) in LA. They had an awesome lineup of “stars” lined up to talk about the latest microsft technologies, as well as  shedding some light as to the direction in which the technology is progressing.

I wasn’t one of the lucky to be there, but I got to watch the live-stream of the keynotes and some of the Channel 9 live stuff. Also, another GREAT feature is that most (if not all) the talks are available for viewing on the PDC site.

Some of the big stuff that was released were:

So, lots of videos on exciting topics, including stuff on C# 4.0, Windows 7 and more… Check them out.

Google wave invites

So it seems that Google is spreading the fun and has spread around a couple of invites for Google Wave.

Drop me a line if you’re’s first come first serve  so.. 🙂

Microsoft Facebook SDK now officially supported

The Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform has reached version 3.0 and is now officially supported by the Facebook Development Team. The team recently announced this on their dev-blog, which is great news for all .NET developers wanting to develop applications against the Facebook Platform.

..This SDK contains rich social features and offers something for almost any kind of Facebook developer who is building with Microsoft technology, whether you’re implementing Facebook Connect or are building a Web-based or desktop application…

Microsoft has also supplied a great SDK Overview that will get you started with facebook development in technologies like Silverlight, WinForms, WebForms /ASP.Net, ASP.Net MVC. There are several examples along with the documentation that should be more than sufficient to get the ball rolling.

Share your url to Twitter

twitter logo

So, you’ve written that great article, you’ve shared it to your friends on facebook, and you’re looking to spread the word even further. Through Twittter, your url can reach entire diffrent audiences than Facebook sharing. Getting those first few important re-tweets on Twitter will start to spread your new blogpost like wildfire.

If Twitter is still a great mystery to you, I’d recommend Scott Hanselman’s introduction to twitter. You may also be interested in reading Twitter’s own brief “about us” page.

Time to get our hands dirty

It’s extremely simple to send an update to twitter using their public share url like so: reading

So now you know how to do it, there’s no reason not to just add a tweet this icon! tweet this