“Boundary” - Something that indicates bounds or limits. Also called frontier.
Most of us have heard about “pushing yourself to the limits”. It’s something I associate with performing ones very best for a given end result. New personal record at the local 10k race? Getting to market with a new product? Landing the stage 1 rocket after it’s delivered payload into orbit?

Focusing on the end result can be a powerful motivator, and also a door-opener to new possibilities, but there’s something lost there. Is it really only about the end result?

I was recently invited to talk to Dave Rael  on the Developer on Fire podcast. The invitation took me completely by surprise. After the initial rush of the opportunity, it dawned on me how this scared me. Speaking on a podcast for the first time on the same show as personal heroes of mine.

Given, I was in a vulnerable situation at the time, but the pressure I put on myself when I started to compare my limited life (experience) to these seasoned veterans and highly public figures was daunting to me. “What have I been through that listeners would be interested in” ?

To round-off where I started though, I think it’s more about the journey to that end result. I’ve had to reflect upon where I’ve been and where I’m headed while preparing. It’s started thought processes and self-reflections that just weren’t there before and I’ve connected with a great person. Luckily part of that connection was recorded.


I personally feel I have pushed myself to the absolute limits with this podcast. I’m proud to have taken the opportunity presented before me and am pleased with the end result. But the process and connection made is my main takeaway.

I hope you enjoy the episode and find value in it. I’ll be pushing my boundaries into 2016. Here’s some more inspiration for the new year.

Developer on Fire - Episode 75 - Pavneet Singh Saund - Pushing Boundaries