When faced with a challenge of implementing breadcrumbs for a business critical application recently I went down a rabbit hole of trying to understand the semantics of react-router and finding a good way of building a dynamic breadcrumb component that didn’t break every time a route was added or changed. Let alone need to implement a custom route for every new page. In this post I go into what I ended up with as a routing model that supports dynamic breadcrumbs

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Notes on the talk on Building Resilient Frontend Architecture by Monica Lent. In this wonderful talk, Monica cuts to the heart of core aspects of rewriting code and presents 3 strategies to increase the resiliency of frontend architecture. Why do we usually rewrite code? Inexperience, it’s fun, better solution available and (the big one 🥁) Technical debt 🎉. Monica’s definition of Technical debt: Code that negatively and repeatedly affects the speed or quality of delivery.

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I worked on another developer’s machine yesterday and they were using the auto-save feature in their editor. This threw me off completely, and had me questioning a fundamental truth I’ve had of needing to save files while developing software. 😱

I’ve decided to experiment with the auto save feature on, but first I wanted to dissect WHY I’m so skeptical, and what I could potentially gain. Here’s a brain-dump.

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In any kind of sports, there’s at least two levels of thinking. The strategic level, and the dynamic in-game level. These two levels are quite different in approach, but both play an important part in defining the success of team or individual. A football coach will spend hours watching videos of the opponent, learn about their trends, look for strengths and weaknesses and match these to their own team. Getting a good picture of the opponent allows the coach and team to have clear offensive and defensive strategies.

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