So, we’ve moved!

Seems our cable-provider doesnt really have much control over its system, so we don’t have Internet access. *buuhuu* etc.

So 4-6 weeks of waiting for “the cable guy”. Will be back with more posts / updates some time after that.

Whats been going on?

I’ve been otherwise engaged with life it seems. We’ve been in a hectic proccess of selling our apartment and buying a new place, and moving day is near!

We’re gonna be moving from Porsgrunn to a city called Larvik. It’s about 20-30 minutes drive from Porsgrunn, and abt 1,5 hrs drive from Oslo.


My road to becoming a better developer

Though I’m a developer by profession, I don’t have the opportunity to get my hands dirty with code on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, i love my job, but i feel that it’s time to step up and move on.

Unlike hardcore programmers, I haven’t dedicated myself to coding when i really had time for it. I only starting programming seriously after i finished college, which meant wife + kid + family + other random activities. It’s all a matter of priority though, isn’t it? I don’t regret on my priorities, my family will always come’s just the way I am. But it’s time for me to structurize myself and push myself to be the best (programmer) i can be.

I hope that making this blog will help me achieving this, and so far I must say I feel I’m on the right track.