Still living a good life in Tjodalyng, Norway with the family. The kids are really growing fast, 4, 10 & 11. It’s a joy to see their growth. We just got a cat, Stitch, who’s really fitting in well.

Work at Dolittle is exciting. It’s a unique challenge to build a company for the long haul with such a wonderful group of people. The Customer Success Unit, which is my primary team has recently aligned on 3 overlapping themes: Customer Success, A Friendly & Helpful Community, and Anyone can learn Dolittle. This means using my skills as a senior developer / team lead / mentor as well as my overlapping interest in building communities. And, as always: Creating safe spaces to ensure people thrive.

Tech-wise I’m primarily focusing on JavaScript / TypeScript and AureliaJs these days, and considering to use that as a way to get back into blogging, and perhaps presenting?

Even though work is pretty consuming, I’m still listening audio books, so far 18 this year.

I’m in a bit of a rut when it comes to routines around lifestyle and health, though. A bit too much of the wrong kinds of food, too little sleep and not enough time / energy left to hit the trails. That said, I’m ready to start the long journey to completing a marathon in 2020, where I’ll need to address all of the above 😎. More on that another time.

This NOW page is inspired by Derek Sivers