Home base is still in Tjodalyng, Norway. Our youngest was born here and is now 6 years with elder siblings of 12 & 13. Such a good feeling to see them grow. Our cat, Stitch, is 2 years old and kinda shares responsibility with the other neighbouring cats. Continuing the Saund tradition of the ability to adapt and fit into any group.

Work at Dolittle is no longer a startup, but a scale-up looking to expand and bring more people along in the journey. After some ups and downs, and even an ever so small pivot, the company has a direction. The culture is as strong as ever, with written values that are in the process of being incorporated into the day-to-day. It’s a unique challenge to build a company for the long haul with such a wonderful group of people.

I have a few major accomplishments from a company perspective so far in 2021:

  1. Successfully onboarded and mentored some inspiring individuals at work that will most likely be my bosses some day.
  2. Establishing a living, breathing handbook. Taking steps towards a remote/distributed first company.
  3. Part of the facilitating group that helped establish our company values, and a champion for them internally.
  4. Established and facilitate the Frontend ForumπŸŽ‰ - a (small) community in Dolittle where we talk shop around frontend technologies, approaches, challenges and more. Hope to bring some of this out in the form of blog posts.

I’ve had many hats in the company. All have been customer facing and now is no exception. As a Tech Lead in the Customer Delivery group I have the opportunity to help customers enter the world of EDA (Event Drive Architecture), and explore their problem domains and needs. For me that means living in a space between UX, Frontend Development, and System architecture. And, as always: Creating safe spaces to ensure people thrive.

Tech-wise I’m primarily focusing on TypeScript and ReactJS these days. As well as re-kindling an interest in web accessibility.

Even though work is pretty consuming, I’m still listening audio books, but the pandemic has certainly slowed down my pace compared to previous years this year.

I’ve had a steady increase in my running mileage over the year, and I’ve been almost on track to hit 1000 km this year, until october hit. Then November hit. Let’s just say that I won’t be reaching 1000k this year, but I’m heading towards maybe 800k, which isn’t bad given my current shape and ambitions. That said, I’m ready to start the long journey to completing a marathon in 2021, where I’ll need to address all of the above 😎. More on that another time.

This NOW page is inspired by Derek Sivers