An optimistic end of season one

After a rather abrupt ending to the vlog, I finally came around to summarising some of the key stoic learnings from these first 30 episodes.

It’s also a slighty better ending, to what I’m dubbing “Season one”, than…nothing.

It’s with an immense sense of optimism that I give you this final episode of Season One. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, watched, shared, liked and commented on any of the episodes. Your support has been wonderful and I’m looking forward to Season two!

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Anxiety is a strong and negative feeling. Feeling overwhelmed. Stressed. Or just a general sense of nervousness. Well, we all feel this on some level or the other. The protective father, the nervous traveler or even the developer with a deadline closing in.

When putting things into perspective, anxiety is often a result of caring too much about things that are outside your control. When the protective father wants to protect his child from the dangers of the world, well, then he’ll need to be there ALL the time (and then some!).

Instead, look at what you actually do control. Focus on where you can put your efforts to make the bigger picture look a lot less scary. Know that you are doing what you can with yourself, so when something does happen, you’ll be ready.

It’s also a source of procrastination. It’s a  numbing feeling that will not only fear for something, but also make sure you are going to fail. Unless you take measures to actively put your anxiety into perspective.

Checkout out todays VLOG on Unknown Frontiers & Anxiety.

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The PAVLOG – a Stoic Vlogging Experiment

Vlogs, or video-logs, some form of regular videos that are focused around a single main character and an aspect of them or their lives (definition: mine). They are by no way a new phenomenon. I’ve recently been watching a few vlogs that have been quite useful. Career-wise and focus-wise. Moreover, I started to follow a person: Gary Vay-Ner-Chuk.

He has a message that’s quite powerful and compelling, which is to own your own brand online. He’s in no way the first, nor the last person to talk about this, but something about the timing was just right. I’ll et more into that in another post.

One of the things I want to do more of in 2017 is explore the video-format on YouTube and also play around with other platforms.

…2 weeks ago I decided to start my very own vlog!

The Daily Stoic

I’m reading a book called the “The Daily Stopic” by Ryan Holiday, where he’s created a consumable way of going through Stoic philosophy. Each chapter is built around a single topic and has a verse from a stopic philosopher, as well as a straight forward explanation.

Even though the topics are short and sraight-forward, not all of the topics are. It takes time to digest and reflect over them, and turning this book into a daily habit has been a struggle.

The Concept

So the concept was born. I’ll dig into a chapter from the stoics every day and present my reflections on them. I also want to package them in an interesting way that will allow others to consume them in bite-size chunks. Hopefully others can listen and share their own reflections, so it becomes a shared learning experience.

YouTube School

I need you to subscribe if you like the concept. It’s a great way to raise awareness around the channel. It’s also great feedback to me that this is something you like and enjoy.As well as subscribing, hit the bell to be notified whenever a new episode is released!

Here I’ll make it easy for you: “Subscribe here!

The Unknown

But back to the “why”… Why YouTube, why daily? Well, because of the challenge. I want to see what’s involved in vlogging. How much effort it takes and learn something new.

I also want to do it on my terms, so I’ll do what I can to get a video out every day, except the weekends. That’s reserved time-off.

Watch it and let me know what you think!