Notes on the talk on Building Resilient Frontend Architecture by Monica Lent. In this wonderful talk, Monica cuts to the heart of core aspects of rewriting code and presents 3 strategies to increase the resiliency of frontend architecture. Why do we usually rewrite code? Inexperience, it’s fun, better solution available and (the big one 🥁) Technical debt 🎉. Monica’s definition of Technical debt: Code that negatively and repeatedly affects the speed or quality of delivery.

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I’ve been a SOLID1 fan of TDD over many years and have spent a lot of time drilling myself in writing tests first to drive applications forward. I truly believe I have been at a place where my BIT has been FLIPPED. There are occasions though when attempting to write tests first have just been hard and completing a feature with test-first has been a record in will power and what felt like an eternity to deliver a feature. But if it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

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