This post is signalling an end to my time at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK), even though it’s justĀ a few months since IĀ announced my career-moveĀ there. Before I go on about whats happening, I’d like to emphasise that NRK is a great place to be. I’ve met a lot of talented people and been exposed to a company culture that oozes of professionalism and encourages peoples creativity to flow.

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In this past year at work, weā€™ve been in the process of developing a new platform from the bottom up with new functionality. One of the goals was to move away from an old unmaintainable solution to a new maintainable solution based on expected coding standards, and of course to meet the business’ needs about scalability and rapid feature development. With an overloaded domain, responsibilities were mingling with each other and business rules and validation was all over the place.

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2011 has been hectic, to say the least. Full of enriching life-experiences (personal and professional).Ā I had a few goals for the past year: my health, family, profession.Ā Some things worked out quite well, other things…not so well (so what’s new?). A friend of mine is going on about hisĀ big hairy goal. It’s intimidating and inspiring. Here are some things I’m hoping to dive into this coming year: JavaScript Norwegian .

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