I’ve published a new story on the┬áCoding with Empathy blog. Here’s an intro. The power of one There’s nothing like being able to work on a project by yourself and having complete control of every single aspect of the solution. Everything from the front-end stack to the storage. Using the latest and greatest frameworks and libraries. This is heaven for any software developer. But regardless of any of the above technology-focused aspects, there is one major advantage being that single developer, namely:┬áspeed!

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I’ve been a SOLID1┬áfan of TDD over many years and have spent a lot of time drilling myself in writing tests first to┬ádrive applications forward. I truly believe I have been at a place where my BIT has been FLIPPED.┬áThere are occasions though when attempting to write tests first have just been hard and completing a feature with test-first has been a record in will power and what felt like an eternity to deliver a feature. But if it was easy then everyone would be doing it.

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