The Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform has reached version 3.0 and is now officially supported by the Facebook Development Team. The team recently announced this on their dev-blog, which is great news for all .NET developers wanting to develop applications against the Facebook Platform. ..This SDK contains rich social features and offers something for almost any kind of Facebook developer who is building with Microsoft technology, whether you’re implementing Facebook Connect or are building a Web-based or desktop application… Microsoft has also supplied a great SDK Overview that will get you started with facebook development in technologies like Silverlight, WinForms, WebForms /ASP.

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Need to spread the word on your latest blog-post or article? Look no further than the Facebook sharer! Facebook has over 300 million users world-wide, and the chances are good that you can recruit readers. Adding a “share to facebook” icon easily allows your readers to spread YOUR word. This can be accomplished by using plugins for your blog-service, or “share-all” widgets like AddThis or ShareThis. The problem with these services, are that they over-complicate the simple share functionality that’s often wanted.

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