I worked on another developer’s machine yesterday and they were using the auto-save feature in their editor. This threw me off completely, and had me questioning a fundamental truth I’ve had of needing to save files while developing software. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

I’ve decided to experiment with the auto save feature on, but first I wanted to dissect WHY I’m so skeptical, and what I could potentially gain. Here’s a brain-dump.

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Javasript Fatigue

We’ve been joking a long time about the rate new technologies arise and how we as software developers need to keep abreast of the new so we don’t get completely outdated and irrelevant.ย With web development though, we’ve set a new standard.

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I have been open and committed to my desire to change. Or rather push myself to professional excellence in my areas of interest. Through this I’m creating tangible goals… so this should get me all set up, right? RIGHT!? …

How to go about change though? Given the desire to push myself to new heights and at the same time change several aspects I’ve embraced the blogosphere again. But have I started out on the wrong foot?

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