I stumbled over the awesome “Get Involved” video by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conory the other day.They’ve put together an amazing video about getting started as a developer with an online presence, you should check it out. This blog post isn’t really about the video per se.

You see, after watching this masterpiece, I immediately started typing out a tweet to spread the love. It started just like this:

“I can’t believe I missed this! …”
Then I stopped. What was I trying to say? What kind of added value was this giving the post? Who cares if I’ve missed this?

A minor detail here is that this video is from 2013 - almost 3 years ago.

Then I realised; I was embarrassed to be spreading valuable content that was “old”. I was ashamed that I have let this one gem get by me and needed to express this somehow so people wouldn’t see me as…inadequate.

The hamster wheel

As developers (on the web), we have to keep ourselves up to date continuously. At times this is the most awesome chase in the world. Other times it feels downright hopeless. But who are we kidding ? You can’t keep up to date with everything!

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel. You don’t owe anything to anyone. If you stumble over something you find valuable. Share it with the same curiosity and sense of awe you felt when you discovered it. Don’t wrap it in a sorry excuse that you exist.

You are NOT inadequate!

Oh, and this is how the tweet ended up: